Sunday, March 01, 2009

So, two years later!

Updates: Still teaching at the same school. Now I've got my own Modern History class, as well as 9 and 10 musics and a 10 sose class.
Work is hectic at the moment as there is lots of marking to be done.

Getting married in September this year :) on International talk like a pirate day! Proposed in March 2008 to L. We've been living together in an apartment in the city since March :) (one year of living together anniversary tomorrow!)

Dropping out of youth leading this year, things getting a bit too hectic, but still going back from time to time. Leading Lazer (older youth sunday school) on the weekends as a part of a three person team.

Realised I am slightly left-wing in my political philosophy! huzzah! Also, have affirmed that I am not a literal interpreter of the Bible. Also huzzah!

Am currently playing Viola with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra, several concerts a year!

Have kept playing WoW and seeing friends when I get the chance! and am into facebook :) add me! (I think im already friends with Nathan)

So, what has life taught me these last two years?

1) Saying No is ok.
2) to stand up for myself if I'm being mistreated with no justification.
3) That I love L.
4) That love has many faces and that it can be hard, but ultimately worthwhile.
5) That relationships with real friends stay the same no matter how long it has been since you saw them
6) The world can be a cold, dark, and unfair place where greed, ignorance and anger drive many to mistreat eachother.
7) That the role of a Christian should be to be a conduit of love in your community. To teach others how to show love in their lives, and how to care about people besides themselves.
8) That our apartment is indeed not very well ventilated!
9) The older I get the more i value what has gone before. yet, i can't but help looking forward :)
10) The birth of many children of my friends is a blessing to them and me, but has also shown me I'm not yet ready for that :D
11) Education is still the key to greater opportunity and better standards of life.

How do you sum up 2 years in one post?
You can't :)
I'll try to be more regular.

My love to all out there :D


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Alllive ... ?

...From the depths I come!

After all sorts of strange rituals involving hot poky things and several sacrificed chickens (or was that several trips to KFC...i forget).
I'm back thanks to Kelly (now you all have a target to blame!)

So, what Have I to say after almost a year of non blogging?
surprisingly not much.

School eats my life...
I love Laura
um, things are insanely busy as always,
Year 9s suck.
I now teach English ??

Well, technically I'm teaching Music, with one English class on the side!

Teaching is not a 9-3 job, as some out there would like to promote...
I am tired, but still have much to do... and maybe writing things down again will help out! or genearlly help me to procrastinate more? hmm.. im sure something will make sense, because so far none of this does!

I'm now teaching at a High School in the South of Brisbane, I'm not gonna type the name of it for fear that some of the kids will track down who I am... which may happen already! but hey.
It's a good school, a new school with lots of resources, located in a lower socio-economic area. Kids are interesting and make you lose sleep and hair. I have had many a violent thought that can only be quelled by shutting myself in a classroom and playing piano after the class is gone.


I still love my music, but am finding that these days i am doing hardly any.

Maybe my friend K has the right idea... wonder if there's any money in composing... :P

or flying planes.
Thats one thing i'm now interested in. I'd love to fly a plane commercially. be a pilot. Captain Sam. hehe.. cool.
But apparently IM TOO TALL.

damn biological conspiracy!

more later. tired now. comment yes :D

im back.... again... :D


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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Leavin..On a Jet Plane

Oh great. now I put another song into my head :D

Well, with Josh and Amy's Wedding out of the way, it's now time to accept the fact that Im actually leaving the country 3 hours from now :D how cool is this! I dont think it's really sunk in yet! but hey!!

You can keep track of my adventures on this site:

Laura and Sam's Travel Blog

yes yes, i realise Laura isnt my name. thank you for pointing that out :D but Laura is my girlfriend, and she's said we can blog on the same Diary to save the effort of me setting up another blog! I mean... after ALL the effort that's gone into this site ;) (/end sarcasm)

But yeh, Hopefully We'll keep you all updated! dont be strangers! (or stranger than you are already :D) bloody Kiwis ;) and good luck to Michelle and Adam! gettin married in December I hear? We need photos ;D

Much love all!


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Monday, October 30, 2006


The Road to hell is paved with good intentions...

You know, I thought something I planned had gone well. How come it managed to be a disaster in the end again?
Sigh. I dislike when things blow up in my face. The smell is hard to get rid of! :P


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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Possibly the funnies thing on the net

Ok, its a big call, but not many things can make me laugh out loud (literally) after a long hard depressing day!

THese sites are they!
Ask a Ninja
this one is hilarious. Like blatantly just hilarious! watch it! now!

Hope is Emo
by the same people, not AS obviosuly funny, but its funny in an ironic parody kinda way :D awesome stuff though!

Check these out now! i kid you not! DO IT!


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